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Smart, simple, online accounting, user management and billing software for small and medium entreprises

Manage Users, Track Expenses, Customise Invoices, Run Reports and Even More all from One Place.

Accept Online Payments: Mobile Money (MTN Uganda, Airtel Uganda, MPesa Kenya), Credit / Debit Cards, PayPal, JPesa and Many More...

Very Powerful Support Tools: Intelligent Help Desk System (Doesn't require incident IDs in the subject or body to thread communication), Knowledgebase, Page Builder...

Over 10 Natural Income Streams (Credit Facilities, Investments, Bulk SMS & etc) Learn More


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The #1 investment's company in Uganda with over a TRILLION investment portoflio. Business automation and powered by G7Bill

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With over 1 Million policies and real time insurance insuance, powered and managed through G7Bill

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World class payment services and credit facilities fully operated and automated through G7Bill with less than 3 employees serving over 10,000 customers. Now that's power!

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Simple Start

Simple Start @ UGX100,000 Monthly

G7Bill offers a complete billing solution for your business. From managing invoices to sending payment reminders to getting paid online, G7Bi...

SIM Card Hosting

SIM Card Hosting @ UGX50,000

Sim Card Hosting enables you to send and receive SMS from your clients to your server or database by going through our dedicated sim gateway....